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Our patented circular products

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Table set

Manufactured in Europe and delivered in 2 weeks. Round offers in exclusivity the new revolutionary patent taking as input a by-product of European agriculture.
Always at the forefront of history and NFT51800 certified, do not be surprised to see the nutritional contribution of our cups, they are singularly edible and begin their total biodegradation (100%) as soon as they arrive in your waste or compost bin.

Formes abstraites

Packaging solution

It is now possible to protect and secure your most precious packages without promoting deforestation or acidifying your destination countries lands. Our fully NFT 51800 certified technology, compostable and fertile, grows fire-retardant, insulating protection that you just have to tear in the compost or in your garden for it to be enriched. This Round exclusivity is made in France as part of a major project to fight long-term unemployment.

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About us

Why Round

Round was born from the meeting of Margozata Then, Scott Munguia, Rodolph Saade and Gavin McIntyre around an original goal :

Reconcile civic action and economic success?

We guarantee you honest prices and high environmental quality items without any complications. Within a tool for optimizing the environmental footprint of the activities of HORECA, agriculture and logistics in continuous improvement.

Round is a supersystem dedicated to the management of biowaste, the reduction of petrochemical emissions and the quality of employment.

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